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Howling Woods Wolf Sanctuary

Howling Woods Wolf Sanctuary

Come meet some of their wolfdogs, get your picture taken with them and learn all about this beautiful animal! Howling Woods Farm is a 501(c)(3) public charity that rescues and places domestic bred wolves, wolfdog hybrids and northern breeds. They also provide education and information to the general public about wolves and wolfdogs. (www.howlingwoods.org)

DogLoversDays Lure Course


You can let your dog have a blast running a lure course! Your family dog can let loose and be a star as they have fun running agility and speed tracks and much more! (www.dogloversdays.com)

The United States Police Canine Association

The United States Police Canine Association

The United States Police Canine Association became the largest and oldest active organization of its kind-“Ever Striving for the Betterment of all Police K-9” – in August, 1971 when two existing Associations, the Police K-9 Association and the United States K-9 Association, merged.

The original Florida Police K-9 Association, formed in 1964, was later changed to the Police K-9 Association in order to include other interested departments outside the section of the country established by the United Police K-9 Association.

It didn’t take too long before the members of these two fine organizations realized that strength was in unity and that their basic goals and objectives were the same. So the present Association was formed. Membership is spreading throughout the United States, Canada, and with the Armed Forces, throughout the world.

The Association meets twice a year. Once, in Summer, where new ideas and training methods are discussed, and then at the National Police Dog Trials. These dog trials bring together the best trained dogs in the world and are judged by Police judges. Great strides in the standardization of training methods have been made through these dog trials.

You’ll be able to watch these United States Police Canines in action! You will see demos of off lead obedience, criminal apprehension, agility, group off lead obedience and more! (www.uspca15.com)

Ask the Expert

Ask the Expert: Trainer, Veterinarian and Dog Groomer

Do you have questions about something your dog is doing and what to know what to do or how to fix it? How about questions for a Veterinarian about your dog’s diet or a concern you have about your beloved family pet? Do you want to know how what tools to use to properly groom your pooch in between grooming visits or how to cut your dog’s nails safely? This will be your opportunity to receive FREE advice from professional Dog Trainers, Veterinarians and Dog Groomers! They will each have a booth that you can visit to ask questions and receive great, professional advice.

The Olate Dogs

The Olate Dogs are the winning participants from Season 7 of America's Got Talent, scooping up the $1,000,000 and headlining The Palazzo.

Led by Richard Olate and his son Nicholas Olate, the Olate Dogs are a high-energy, fast-paced canine theatrical act filled with amazing dog tricks, human acrobatics and humor. Richard grew up in South America in a poor family. A third generation circus performer, Richard has been in the spotlight since he was 12. He started rescuing street dogs and through hard work and constant struggle, he made it to the United States at the age of 33 with his dog troupe.

His dream to have his own dog variety show has come true as he currently has four completely different dog acts. One is a full length Variety Show currently touring the US. Many of Richard's dogs are rescues and all are true members of the family.

The Olate Dogs can also be seen nationwide on TV and at sport events, such as NBA Halftimes, amazing people of all ages and sharing their story of the American Dream and dog rescue. (www.olatedogs.com and OlateDogs Facebook)

Dog Surfing by Lucy’s Pet Foundation

Have you ever thought “How cool would it be if my dog could surf?!” Well now your best friend can try it! Lucy Pet’s Gnarly Crankin’ K-9 Wave Maker will be at our expo all weekend long! This 90-foot long wave tank contains 8,000 gallons of water and a wave-making machine capable of producing a perfect wave every five seconds!

Paws on Dog Toy Sampling

“Paws on” Dog Toy Sampling

Hate buying toys just to find out your dog doesn’t like it? Here is your chance to let your dog pick out his own toy! He can try different toys and you can be happy buying one that you know he will like!

Paws on Dog Treat Sampling

“Paws on” Dog Treat Sampling

Can your dog be a picky eater? Let them choose their favorite kind of treats! They’ll be able to sample different treats so that you can pick out what’s best for them!

Paws on Dog Sports

Dog Sport Demos (Fly Ball, Disc Dog, Agility, Dancing with Dogs)

Throughout the three-day event, you can check out and even participate in different dog sports! If you have always wanted to try one out, but unsure if your dog would enjoy it, this is your chance! We have some of the top teams doing demos and providing you with tips and advice on how to get started in each of the dog sports. The sporting demos will include Fly Ball, Disc Dog, Agility and Dancing with Dogs!

Breed Specific Demos

Breed Specific Demos

There will be many breed specific demos all weekend long. Watch demonstrations of your favorite breed showing off their skills. Or, learn which breed bests suits your lifestyle.

Keller's Cause

Keller's Cause

Keller's Cause is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public on special needs dogs, and providing resources to those that have brought them into their homes. Founders Amanda Fuller and Rose Adler attend events with their dogs Keller (deaf and vision impaired), and Braille (deaf and blind) to show the world how these dogs can flourish under the right circumstances. They have made it their goal to bring light to irresponsible and immoral breeding practices that produce puppies with disabilities, while simultaneously advocating for those in need.

Paws on Dog Dog Tattoo Station

Color Spray/Dog Tattoo Station

Tattoos for dogs? It's not what you think! These temporary tattoos will safely add a bit of flare to your furry friend!

Rockin Road Grill Band

Woof Rock '17

Immediately following the World Dog Rescue Honors. Woof Rock '17 will feature former "A Flock of Seagulls" lead guitarist Eddie Berner and the Rockin Road Grill Band. (www.rockinroadgrill.com)