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We Love Rescues

Rescue Banquet

World Dog Rescue Appreciation Banquet

People who volunteer with rescue and shelter dogs do it for the love, not for the attention or the accolades. However, we will be taking this opportunity to honor many who have given so much and expected so little in return. Watch for details.

Rescue Boot Camp

Throughout the entire three-day event, we will have a huge focus on rescue. At the rescue boot camp, you can learn everything you need to know about a dog rescue. Use this opportunity to educate yourself and other volunteers of a dog rescue. All of the dog rescue seminars will be free to qualified, pre-registered rescue management, staff and volunteers.

Rescue Round-Up

Groomers from all over the world will compete to groom rescue dogs! We work with rescues to borrow dogs that have come into their facilities that have not been groomed. These groomers handle these dogs with extra care, as they are not used to being properly groomed. You will be amazed by these dogs’ transformations from beginning to end! All of the dogs are up for adoption, too!

Rescue Booths

There will be booths designated just for dog rescues at our expo. You’ll be able to check out some of the dogs that are up for adoption. You can also donate money or items to each of the rescues that will be there.

For rescues who are interested in having a time slot at one of the rescue booths please CLICK HERE to fill out the form.

Once your form is received, you will be contacted to choose a time slot. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Alyx Robertson at 717-691-3388 ext. 220 or Alyx@Barkleigh.com