World Dog Expo Postponed Due to COVID-19

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June 2023 | Meadowlands Expo Center | Secaucus, NJ

This weekend spectacular event will celebrate dogs everywhere in a large–scale, cutting edge multimedia format. With multiple stages, attendees will enjoy caliber events, such as dock diving, disc dog, lure coursing, weight pull, agility, fly ball, obedience, scent work, french ring sport, barn hunt and schutzhund.

The World Dog Experience will provide opportunities for the dog and owner to participate together in sports, training and other bonding experiences. Also, the show will work to promote dog rescue, fostering and adoption.

Perhaps the main attraction of World Dog Expo will be the notable trade show event, featuring a huge array of dog–centered products. Attendees will be able to find the newest and best products for their canine companions. Participating vendors will benefit from the unprecedented exposure created for the event.

Trade show hours:

Saturday: 10am - 6pm
Sunday: 10am - 5pm

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