Barn Hunt

Presented by MD Xcaliber Ratters

MD Xcaliber Ratters

Barn Hunt is a competition that involves dogs sniffing around a barn or barn-like course for vermin. The vermin, typically trained rats, are placed in a protective and breathable tubes. There are many different titles that a dog can receive based on their proficiency in the job preformed.

Watch, and even have your dog try, Barn Hunt! All your dog needs is his nose & instinct to sniff out the target. Typically, rats are used in a protective, breathable tube, but at our event, treats will be used. So, enjoy watching professional dogs showcasing it, or enjoy letting your dog run the course and sniff out some treats!

About MD Xcaliber Ratters:

The Xcaliber Ratters are a local Barn Hunt group out of Maryland. They have local practices and competitions. You can join their group on Facebook and learn more about their team at