Dachshund Dash Wiener Dog Racing

Is your four-legged best friend a Dachshund? Bring your friendly pup to World Dog Expo for a fun wiener dog race! First, second and third place winners will all receive prizes.

Check In: 1:45pm (Check in is at the Main Arena by the camera area.)

Start Time: 2:00pm


  1. Contest is limited to ticket holders
  2. No dogs in heat
  3. No aggressive dogs - Dogs must be sociable with other dogs, adults and children
  4. Owner is 100% responsible for their dog
  5. No flashlights or laser pointers
  6. Cannot use treats, food or toys
  7. Must have two people per dog (one person at the starting line and one person at the finish line)
  8. No other pets allowed in race area except for dogs racing
  9. Must be on leash except when racing
  10. Dogs must be well adjusted to crowds and noisy environments
  11. Clean up after your pet
  12. Dog must cross line fully to finish. (Do not pick dog up before crossing line or it will not count)