Main Performance

Come see an exciting display of canine freestyle and the acrobatic elements of aerial hooping with Celebrity Dog Trainer, Chrissy Joy, and her superstar pup, Good Beasley! Chrissy Joy is the 2018 National Stunt Dog Champion and Celebrity Dog Trainer for dogs in the entertainment industry. Good Beasley has been featured in nationwide commercials and is the star of the feature film, Agent Toby Barks by LIONSGATE. The Bone-A-Fied Talent Group provides live events and star pups to talent agencies all over the US.

Who doesn’t love puppies?! Be sure to stop in at our Puppy Petting Zoo to enjoy some puppy kisses! Looking to adopt? These puppies will also be available for adoption. Just need to get your puppy fix? Don’t hesitate cuddling up with these cuties even if you can’t take one home.

Have fun making a keepsake art pawject with your dog!

Dachshund Dash Wiener Dog Racing

Is your four-legged best friend a Dachshund? Bring your friendly pup to World Dog Expo for a fun wiener dog race! First, second and third place winners will all receive prizes.

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Hot Dog! Costume Contest

Have fun and be creative dressing up your pooch! Any breed and size of dog can participate in our costume contest.

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Doggie Instagreet

Meet some of your favorite Insta-Famous dogs! Get your picture with them or just say hi! There will be a different Instagram dog every hour.

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Creative Grooming

You won’t believe it until you see it! Be sure not to miss some of the top creative groomers in their industry presenting their creative work live for you to see. You won’t believe what they can make their dogs look like with pet-safe coloring dye.

Splash Pad

Sponsored by My Splash Pad

Let your pooch cool down at our Doggie Splash Pad! My Splash Pad will have featured some of their doggy sprinklers for your dog to enjoy.

Rescue Round-Up

Professional groomers will be grooming dogs in desperate need of a good groom. You’ll be able to witness live transformations of adoptable dogs. If you’re looking to add a new family member, be sure to check these dogs out. They will all be available for adoption!

Puppy Playground

Sponsored by Puppy Playground

Take your dog to our Doggy Playground for some fun interactive playtime to make new dog friends! The Doggy Playground will be downstairs and will be divided into a big dog section and a small dog & puppy section. A professional trainer will be there to answer any training and dog socialization questions. Bring your new puppy to learn how to appropriately socialize them with other dogs!

Shorty Rossi

You may know Shorty Rossi for his television show “Pit Boss.” However, he is more than just a TV star; he is a Pit Bull advocate. For years, he has been on tour promoting breed awareness, fighting BSL (Breed Specific Legislation), fighting for Animal Rights, encouraging spay and neuter clinics and promoting his book “Four Feet Tall and Rising.” Meet Shorty & get your picture with him at his booth, along with his Pit Bull companion, Ares!

Bark Easy

Sponsored by Tito’s Vodka

Stop at our Bark Easy for a drink. Tito’s will have fun dog-themed drinks for adults 21 and older. So, take a quick break from all of the dog fun to rest your feet for a bit and have a drink!

Are you looking to add a four-legged friend your family? Make sure you come to the demo stage for Adoptable Dogs on Display! Throughout the weekend, there will be scheduled times that rescues will bring up some of their adoptable dogs and talk about why they are a great companion. Even if you’re not looking to adopt, maybe one of these cute fellas will change your mind!

Meet Real Canine Stars!

Meet a couple of the biggest superstars in the canine showbiz world. You will recognize Beasley from commercials, the brand-new movie Agent Toby Barks, and much more! Whidbey’s cute face can be recognized from Home Depot, Earthborn Holistic, PetValu and commercials too! You may also recognize Petunia from her debut on Saturday Night Live, Five Below & Home Depot commercials, HGTV! They will be around all weekend long showing off their skills, tricks and doing meet & greets.

Tabitha is a seven-year-old Doberman Pinscher and is a certified working bomb dog that works for a private security company at the JFK Airport. She is trained in handler protection, tracking and holds titles in conformation, obedience rally and IPO. Check out Tabitha and her handler, John, as they demo her amazing skills at World Dog Expo!

Don’t forget to stop at the Opawz sponsored booth to get your four-legged best friend a little pizazz! They will be doing doggy safe tattoos and gems the entire weekend long. Add a little bit of color and sparkle to your pooch!

At our event we have over 100 booths selling all kinds of dog products and services! Throughout the entire weekend, you can learn about new products and services from companies who love dogs just as much as you do. Buy your pup some yummy treats, fun toys and more!

Bring your dog to Treat Street to taste test treats to see what your dog’s favorite is!

Let your dog have fun by playing in a giant ball pit and chase bubbles from a machine!

A fun way for your dog to show you its favorite toy! This room will be divided to allow your dog to individually to show you his favorite toy to buy him. This also provides a great photo opportunity!

Paws-On Workshops

Canine Freestyle Paws-On Worksho

Have you ever wondered how to get started in the sport of frisbee? Join the Bone-A-Fied Talent Group with our Champion Trainer, Jack McCauley, as he demonstrates novice to advanced frisbee skills. Not only will he demo, but YOU can learn, too! Join Jack in learning some of the earliest steps to teach your dog, stylistic throws, and even some cool advanced moves.

Ask the Trainer Paws-On Workshop

Do you have a question about dog training? What about canine behavior or a doggy-related issue at home? The dog business? This is your chance! Discuss popular canine conundrums with our Professional Dog Trainers from the Bone-A-Fied Talent Group. Fun trivia and prizes will also be included in this family-friendly event!

Games Gone Canine Paws-On Workshop

Join this fun hour of popular games gone canine! The Bone-A-Fied Talent Group has a rotation of fun games for attendees and their beloved pups. Prizes and giveaways for the winners! *Specific Sponsor giveaways TBD once approved by World Dog*

Games provided such as Red Light, Green Light / Nosework Games / Musical Chairs (with a deck of cards scattered on ground and utilizing basic obedience) / and more!

Ask the Trainer Paws-On Workshop

The Bone-A-Fied Talent Group is thrilled to support Pawsitively Famous Animal Actors in this fun and engaging workshop – “Lights, Camera, Bark!” In this workshop, we will teach you all about the must-have skills needed for success on set. From novice to advanced skills – there’s a place for everyone in this beginner-friendly workshop. Join our fun group as we give you insider tips, tricks, and begin your path to stardom!

Dog Sports


Presented by North America Diving Dogs (NADD)

Dock diving is a must see! You can watch these amazing flying dogs dive far into a pool of water. You’ll be amazed at how far and high these dock divers can go! Not only can you just sit back and watch competitors compete, but there will be two hours each day for anyone to try their dog on the dock. ANY dog can do this!

Presented by Hard Drive Flyball

Feast your eyes on one of the most fast-paced dog sports around! Teams of dogs race each other over hurdles to retrieve a tennis ball. This high energy sport will have you cheering and amazed at how quick these dogs are! Hard Drive Flyball will have teams running throughout the entire weekend. They will also interact with attendees and their dogs to learn how they can also do it and to try it out!

Presented by Our Gang Pet Services

Come watch dogs jump over hurdles, run through tunnels and zip through poles! So, come watch or bring your dog to learn how to get into this fast and fun sport that ANY breed or size of dog can do.

Maximum K9 Service

Presented by Maximum K9 Service

Schutzhund is a dog sport that was developed in Germany to test breeds for the traits necessary for police-type work. Watch these hard-working dogs demo Schutzhund throughout the weekend. You’ll also have the chance to learn more about the sport and how to get into it!

Maximum K9 Service

Presented by Maximum K9 Service

Obedience for dogs is to show that they have been trained to behave in a home, in public and in the presence of other dogs. Let these trainers awe you with the training they have instilled in their dogs!

Maximum K9 Service

Presented by Maximum K9 Service

These dogs must be able to detect a hidden target odor. Many of these dogs are used in the field to keep the public safe from bombs, find drugs, find missing persons and many other tasks. Watch them live and in action!

Presented by K-9 & Pets Dog Training

Be sure to check out French Ring Sport! You’ll be able to watch one of the most exciting dog sports to reach America that involves jumps, obedience and bite work!

Presented by MD Xcaliber Ratters

Watch, and even have your dog try, Barn Hunt! All your dog needs is his nose & instinct to sniff out the target. Typically, rats are used in a protective, breathable tube, but at our event, treats will be used. So, enjoy watching professional dogs showcasing it, or enjoy letting your dog run the course and sniff out some treats!

Weight Pull

Presented by MD Xcaliber Weight Pullers

Weight pull is a fun dog sport to watch and to cheer on! This sport is 100% safe and is a great outlet for high energy and/or dogs with behavioral issues. Weight pull gives dogs a great way to release that energy. Attendees and dogs will have the chance to try pulling and learn the great benefits of weight pull! ANY size and ANY breed CAN do this!

Disc Dog Demos

Presented by The Marial Arfs

Watch these high-flying dogs catch some disc in the Main Arena! You will be awed by the dog and handler moves and momentum they have and how well they stay in sync with one another. The Martial Arfs well be demoing disc but also working with attendees on how they can get their dogs into disc too!


You can let your dog have a blast running a lure course! Your family dog can let loose and be a star as they have fun running agility and speed tracks and much more! (