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Keller's Cause

Keller's Cause

Keller's Cause is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public on special needs dogs, and providing resources to those that have brought them into their homes. Founders Amanda Fuller and Rose Adler attend events with their dogs Keller (deaf and vision impaired), and Braille (deaf and blind) to show the world how these dogs can flourish under the right circumstances. They have made it their goal to bring light to irresponsible and immoral breeding practices that produce puppies with disabilities, while simultaneously advocating for those in need.

Paws on Dog Sports

Dog Sport Demos

Throughout the weekend event, you can check out and even participate in different dog sports! If you have always wanted to try one out, but unsure if your dog would enjoy it, this is your chance! We have some of the top teams doing demos and providing you with tips and advice on how to get started in each of the dog sports. The sporting demos will include Fly Ball, Disc Dog, Dancing with Dogs and much more!