Dog Rules | Click Here for Printable Dog Rules

As you prepare to experience all the excitement of World Dog Expo, we ask that you please review our dog rules and guidelines before you arrive. These rules and guidelines are put in place to ensure the safety of all our guests throughout the weekend.

All attending dogs should have the age-appropriate shots or vaccinations before attending the expo. World Dog Expo will be asking for verification of the rabies vaccination on every attending dog, as required by New Jersey state law.

Every state in the United States has their own respective laws regarding vaccinations a dog must obtain before it can be registered in their home state or county.

New Jersey state law reads that all dogs must have the rabies vaccination or a certification of exemption before a dog can be registered.

World Dog Expo will require proof of vaccination upon arrival at the facility and before any visiting dog will be granted access to the event. We will only require the rabies vaccination as per state law and insurance requirements.

All accepted proof of immunizations at World Dog Expo are:

If you do not believe in getting annual vaccinations for your dogs:

    - World Dog Expo recognizes that dog vaccinations can be a controversial topic among dog owners. To be in accordance with state law and insurance requirements, your dog must be vaccinated for rabies or present current serologic titer results in order to attend our show.

PLEASE NOTE: World Dog Expo and its affiliates are not making any kind of statement or announcing a position on dog vaccinations. We are only working to ensure the safety of all our attending guests and their dog.

If you are planning to adopt a new best friend while attending World Dog Expo, it is advised to bring your own carrier, leash, collar or car restraining device. While we may have vendors offering these products on site, we cannot promise they will be available on-site or right away. Please plan accordingly.