Saturday Seminars

Dog Owner Seminars

Adopting a Rescue Dog

Joan Reese & Rachel Rossiter - Animal Care Sanctuary

Are you thinking about adopting? Then you won’t want to miss this seminar! Joan and Rachel will discuss just how to do this and answer all your questions. The will cover how to select the right dog for your home, how to prepare for the new adoption, how to get on a regular routine and much more!

Lights, Camera, Bark! Show Your Talent!

Chrissy Joy & Christina McCauley - Bone-A-Fied Talent Group

Have you ever wondered how to get your dog on the big screen? Well wonder no more! The Bone-A-Fied Talent Group will answer all your questions. In this seminar, they will work with you and your dog on just how to get into show biz and show you tips and tricks to do so!

Dog Smart: Safety Around Dogs & Reading Dog Body Language (For Kids & Adults!)

Mary Alverson - Pawsitive Energy, LLC

Dog Smart will walk parents and professionals through safety precautions around dogs, and how to begin "reading dogs". From which human behaviors to avoid that dogs might "take the wrong way", to recognizing the smallest facial and body communication from dogs, this lecture will help participants to guide adult and child interactions around dogs that will keep everyone safe. Although this is largely a lecture for adults to take information from and then apply it in their day to day lives, a short presentation for kids the final 15 minutes of the lecture will allow them to practice safe dog skills on a life-size stuffed dog.

Raw Feeding for Longevity

Dr. Gerald Buchoff - Longevity Raw Pet Food

What diet is the healthiest for your pet? What does your dog’s ancestry say about how he/she should eat? Find out in this informative talk with holistic veterinarian Dr. Gerald Buchoff who will share more than 35 years of experience in veterinary practice. Dr. B’s passion for keeping pets healthy led him to seek out a nutritional solution for wellness through an ancestral diet of raw food. Discover the benefits of raw feeding and how superfoods and help your pet stay healthy.

Do You Really Know What You’re Feeding Your Dog?

Dr. Rick Kesler - Eukanuba

A closer look at what should and shouldn’t be in your dog’s food and how it can impact different aspects of their lives.

Power of Positivity: Solving Common Dog Training Problems

Andrea Kilkenny - Our Gang

Many common behavior issues that new pet owners face can be prevented or minimized with a bit of consistent training, as well as setting up the environment for success with your new pet. By shaping the behaviors that you want using positive reinforcement, you will become a proactive handler, heading off or eliminating unwanted and undesirable behaviors. Professional and certified dog trainer, Andrea Kilkenny, of Our Gang Pet Services, LLC, will discuss proper use of positive reinforcement training methods and provide easy and quick methods to prevent common problems like house soiling, jumping up, stealing food, and barking.

Holistic Pet Nutrition

Maureen Turner & Ryan Brander - Holistic Blend

If you’ve ever wondered what holistic pet food is or why you might want to feed it to your dog? This could be the seminar for you.

Ryan Brander and Maureen Turner of Holistic Blend, will host a discussion on holistic nutrition for your dog, from what holistic means, to deciphering your pet food label, to supplements that could fill nutritional gaps in your dog’s diet.

Questions about shedding? Hot spots? Sore joints or allergies? Come join the conversation.

From Passion to Profits: How to Get into the Pet Business Seminars

Pet First Aid/CPR

Jill Pipino - ManeTame Grooming Salon

As a dog owner, you want to be equipped with the skills to handle medical emergencies that arise. Whether your dog becomes ill, injured, or needs help in a disaster, this course will teach you how to respond. In this four-hour interactive course, you will learn emergency care, how to stock a first aid kit, perform CPR, respond to breathing and heart emergencies (including choking), and disaster procedures, with some of these exercises being demonstrated on a live dog. This unique course is customized for dog owners. Upon completion of this course, you will receive a frameable certificate stating that you are certified in dog First Aid & CPR. This is the only seminar we have that you must have a ticket for. Tickets are $49 and you can purchase them here. No dogs permitted in this seminar.

The Legalities of Starting a Pet Care Business

Shahrina Ankhi-Krol - Ankhi-Krol Law

In this seminar you will learn the basics of how to start, protect, and expand your business. Shahrina Ankhi-Krol, the owner of Ankhi-Krol Law, will discuss how your business can thrive by selecting the correct business entity, protecting your brand through trademark and copyright laws, and utilizing well-drafted contracts.

How to Become a Dog Trainer

Fernando Camacho - FernDog Training

Do you love working with dogs? Do you have a knack with handling dogs well? Have you ever thought about becoming a dog trainer?! In Fern’s seminar, he will teach you the ups and downs of being a dog trainer and how to become one of the best!

How to Become a Dog Groomer

Jill Pipino - ManeTame Grooming Salon

Ever thought about becoming a dog groomer? Check out this seminar with Jill! She has been a groomer for years and will happily answer anyone’s questions on how to become a successful groomer too! Learn how to start and where to go from there.

How to Start Your Own Pet Retail/Boutique

Erik Senders - Mika & Sammy's

Have you ever wanted to open your own pet boutique? Learn from Erik the ins and outs of opening and running your own pet retail shop!

Rescue Bootcamp Seminars

Finesse and Fostering: The do's and dont's of Rescue

Megan Smith - Amazing Mutts Puppy Rescue

Has your rescue wanted to utilize foster homes? Never had a foster home before? Megan will go over how they run a foster-based only rescue. She will give you their first-hand experience of all the things you need to consider when having foster homes!

How to Make Good Matches

Andrea Kilkenny - Our Gang

Rescues and shelters have the daunting task to try and place as many animals as possible in forever homes.  This talk will focus on strategies and tips for rescues and shelters to help make successful adoption matches. With 20 years of experience working in shelters and with rescues, certified professional dog trainer Andrea Kilkenny will share information on keys to making the best adoption matches, and making matches that stick, for life!

Socialization Training and Counter Conditioning Shelter Dogs

Kate LaSala - Rescued by Training

Shelters don't always have the benefit of early intervention for socialization or know the histories of our dogs, so focusing on socialization for those in our care, providing early intervention when possible and doing counter conditioning is a critical part to training and preparing shelter dogs to transition to adoptive homes. She will discuss best practices for puppies, older dogs and fearful dogs.

BSL and Animal Rights

Shorty Rossi - Animal Planet’s “Pit Boss”

Join Shorty Rossi from Animal Planet’s “Pit Boss” for a seminar on Breed-Specific Legislation and animal rights. He’ll discuss what BSL is, how to advocate for bully breeds and the truth about the breed.

How YOU Can Make a Difference with Libre's Law

The Pit Crew - Speranza Animal Rescue

Learn how Libre’s Law, Act 10, improved Pennsylvania laws for animals. You will learn the ranks of animal protection laws and how YOU can push for stricter animal protection laws in your own state!

Creating Successful Fundraising Events for Rescues

Joan Reese & Rachel Rossiter - Animal Care Sanctuary

Is your rescue in need of some fundraising? Don’t know where to begin? Overwhelmed with the process of event planning? Well, look no further! In this seminar, you’ll learn how to set goals, establish budgets, select the right fundraiser for your rescue, solicit sponsors and much more!

Increase Adoptions with Great Photography for Non-Photographers

Valerie Bruder - Valerie Bruder Photography

This hands-on workshop draws on the simple wisdom of this statement: “The best camera is the one you have with you” ---Chase Jarvis. While DSLR cameras, studio lights and colorful backdrops are wonderful, cell phone cameras, concrete walls and free roaming rooms or fenced yards are often the more realistic situations facing us in a shelter environment. Together we’ll explore how to take beautiful adoption photos while also addressing the bigger picture value that photos bring to our work, including how to break down stereotypes about the work we do and the animals for whom we care so deeply. Using DIY techniques and the cameras we have most accessible to us, this session draws on some of the most basic and critical components of photography and zeros in on how to make an impact when resources are in short supply.

*Participants are encouraged to bring cell phones or any other cameras that they might own.

Developing Relationships in Communities

Stephanie Mattera - Pet Philanthropy Circle

Stakeholder relationships are of paramount importance for animal shelters and rescue groups. This seminar will explore strategies for engaging stakeholders and leveraging these relationships to garner community support and resources.