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Sunday Programs

Community Safety Through Breed Bans? The Facts Versus the Myths.

Deirdre Franklin

This interactive discussion presents the scientific facts of why BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) does not make communities safer. Deirdre Franklin provides a strong case as to why the focus should be on individual dog owners rather than entire breeds or types of dogs.

BSL is a hot topic that affects dog owners, non-dog owners, dog trainers, and their clientele. This presentation will provide solutions for effective community safety through breed neutral recommendations.

Common Vet Emergencies & How to Prevent Them

Dr. Brooke Butler, DVM (with Veterinary Emergency Group)

Dr. Brooke Butler reviews common veterinary emergencies, discussing what dog owners can do to prevent an emergency, signs to look out for at home and what to expect at the ER. This is a seminar every pet owner will benefit from!

Everything You Need to Know About Service and Emotional Support Animals

Shorty Rossi

Shorty Rossi, from Animal Planet’s “Pit Boss,” has firsthand experience with service dogs. He has used a service dog for years and is here to share everything you need to know about them. This seminar will be both for those who currently own one, or are looking to have one, and for those who own a business and want to know the do’s and don’ts about service animals. Don’t miss this great session so you can know everything about service dogs too!

Adding Supplements and Nutrients to Your Dog’s Diet

Janis Gianforte

Join Janis in learning about healthy nutrition for your dog! There are a lot of nutrients that are not available in processed dog food. Learn what you can add to your dog’s food to give them what they need and learn why they need it.

Power of Positivity: Solving Common Dog Training Problems

Andrea Kilkenny

Many common behavior issues that new pet owners face can be prevented or minimized with a bit of consistent training, as well as setting up the environment for success with your new pet.  By shaping the behaviors that you want using positive reinforcement, you will become a proactive handler, heading off or eliminating unwanted and undesirable behaviors.  Professional and certified dog trainer, Andrea Kilkenny, of Our Gang Pet Services, LLC, will discuss proper use of positive reinforcement training methods and provide easy and quick methods to prevent common problems like house soiling, jumping up, stealing food, and barking.

Raw Pet Food: What You Need to Know

Dr. Gerald Buchoff

What is all the buzz about raw food? Join us with holistic veterinarian Dr. Gerald Buchoff who will introduce you to the facts and myths about raw feeding. Discover the benefits of a raw, ancestral diet for your dog or cat, what to look for in a good quality raw food, and get answers to your questions about switching your pet's diet.